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If you've got questions, we've got answers! Check out some frequently asked questions below. 


How long will it take for my order to arrive?

If you live in a Metro area of QLD, NSW, VIC, SA, ACT etc, then shipping you will want to allow approx 2-6 business days for shipping time. For Metro areas of WA, TAS & NT, please allow approx 4-9 business days. If you live in a rural/regional area, please allow several extra days as some couriers will need to on-forward packages to other couriers to get to these areas. 


How much is Shipping?

To work out how much shipping is, just add the item to cart, input your details with your address and a shipping cost will show on the next page. Or if you'd like a personal quote done for your postcode, just contact one of our friendly team before purchasing if you're unsure. 


Is the exhaust ready to fit?

All exhaust systems are ready to install! 99% of systems you won't even need a hoist to fit (although some jack stands will make life easier).


What type of Warranty comes with an exhaust?

We offer 1-4 year warranties on most products. For exactly how long the warranty is for the item you're looking at, see the description of the product. An extra 12 months warranty can be purchased for some selected systems upon ordering also. Please see our Warranty page for more info. 


Do you make custom exhausts?

No sorry. We only supply our ready-to-fit systems and add-ons. 


What is the difference between a 2.5 inch system and a 3 inch system?

A bigger size diameter pipe usually means better flow, improved heat reduction & usually improved performance.


What is the difference between an Engine/Turbo/Header-back, Cat-back & Axle-back Exhaust System?

Most exhaust systems consist of three main types: Header-back (also called turbo/engine-back for some 4x4 models), Cat-back & Axle-back. 

A Header-back exhaust system is basically a FULL system and will give you the best gains, sound performance etc. A Cat-back (Catalytic Converter-back) system just changes the system from the 'Cat' back to the end of the muffler. An Axle-back fitting only changes the parts from the muffler to the rear axle.


How do I know if I'm getting the correct exhaust system for my car?

If you want to make sure you're getting the correct exhaust for your vehicle, just let us know the: Engine type, make, model, year + send us a photo of the front, rear & side of your vehicle + what type of system you're after/looking for. With this information we will be able to make sure you get the correct exhaust system!


Will fitting an Aftermarket Exhaust void my car's Warranty?

Usually, adding an aftermarket exhaust system to your vehicle will not void your warranty. If your new system does not cause any damage to other components on the vehicle, then your warranty may be fine and remain intact.

However, if a problem arises that a manufacturers mechanic can trace back to the aftermarket system you installed, then your warranty (or a portion of it) may be voided. Sometimes dealerships will tell you that fitting any accessory including an exhaust system will affect your vehicles warranty but they will never put it in writing as it contravenes fair trading laws. 


What exactly is a 'DPF' and where exactly is it on a 4x4?

A DPF is "DIESEL PARTICULATE FILTER". All modern diesels have one in the factory system, the only way a manufacturer can get their vehicles to comply with Australian Emission laws is to fit one after the catalytic Converter. They are a filter that collects soot particules, a DPF regularly performs a regeneration that blasts the particles into smaller particles which are then released through the exhaust system into the atomosphere.

It is illegal to remove a DPF so we offer DPF Back systems for vehicles that have a DPF installed. Removal will make the vehicle non compliant with Australian Emission laws. For Pre DPF vehicles we offer turbo back systems which are more effective and sound better.

For most turbo back systems (pre DPF) we put a 200 cell high flow catalytic converter in the system to replace the factory 400 cell restrictive cat. Some of the older systems we offer do not have a cat in the system ie; 80 series Landcruiser's.


Can I remove my DPF?

It is illegal to remove a DPF so we offer DPF Back systems for vehicles that have a DPF installed. Removal will make the vehicle non compliant with Australian Emission laws. 

It is possible to remove a DPF but the vehicles Computer software has to be reprogrammed to turn off the DPF software & disable the DPF’s Sensors. This is costly to do and can require a remap which can be anywhere from $500 - $1,000 depending on where you get it done. 


What is a Catalytic Converter (also called a "Cat") & Do I need to have one?

Legally you need one – deleting the cat may lead to fines & may also affect your vehicles insurance. The job of the catalytic converter is to convert harmful pollutants into less harmful emissions before they leave the car's­ exhaust pipe. If your vehicle has a cat in the factory exhaust system then it must have one in any aftermarket exhaust system replacing it.

Factory cats are 400 cell (number of cells per square inch of the internal catalyst.) Aftermarket cats are usually 200 cell high flow models. On a number of our systems we offer with or without a Cat but always recommend you fit a system with one.


What is 'Aluminised' Steel? 

Officially the term is ACMS = Aluminium Coated Mild Steel. Its a tube rolled from a hot dipped aluminium coated steel strip, with aluminium coating both sides. Typical applications include heat resistant applications such as automotive exhausts and domestic gas heaters.


What is a 'Muffler Eliminator Pipe' (Also known as just an 'Eliminator Pipe')?

A muffler eliminator pipe can replace pre-existing pipes, in order to improve the performance of your vehicle and your exhaust system. One of the best things about a muffler eliminator pipe is the improved exhaust tone. This means that if you exhaust pipe gives off a dull tone without any grunt, this might be just what you're looking for!

Mufflers are built into vehicles to diminish the noise generated by the engine, which pushes exhaust gases out of the system with considerable pressure. Vehicles are required by law to have mufflers to reduce noise. The muffler will silence the vehicle’s entire exhaust system. An eliminator pipe improves the performance of the vehicle, as the waste from the engine can leave the engine more rapidly.

These pipes are a great, cheap addition to your vehicle and an easy to product to install. A muffler eliminator may also improve fuel efficiency and economy. 


What is a 'Hot Dog'?

A ‘Hot Dog’ is basically a small muffler that can be welded into an exhaust system & they can be placed anywhere in the system not just the tail pipe. They will not impact the volume of the system, but actually help to eliminate high pitched or droning from a system. As such they are used to achieve the “right note” for a given system. They are also do not restrict the flow of gases due to their straight through design.


What does this exhaust sound like? 

As we continue to grow we are collecting videos of how each exhaust sounds and adding to our website. This takes time unfortunately! All exhausts we sell though are meant to have a nice, 'throaty' sound to them and some are loud or quieter depending on which options you choose. 

For loudness it depends on the vehicle but generally a pipe only (no muffler) system will be loud & not legal. One with a small muffler will be approximately 5DBA quieter & borderline legal/illegal, same flow & heat dispersion as pipe only.

A large muffler will usually quieten down the system by 10DBA or so which will be a similar DBA to factory. Large muffler systems are the only option that will be legal in Australia.


Why was I returned to the Checkout Page after trying to place an order with Afterpay?

There are two common causes for being returned to the checkout page after trying to place an order with Afterpay. These causes are listed below:

  • An invalid order amount (You may be over your own Afterpay limit/already have other purchases currently with Afterpay)


  • The order amount may be under or over our business's limit. As such, you will be returned to the checkout page


What is a ‘Cerachrome’ coating?

Cerachrome is a ceramic heat proof coating that can be applied to any exhaust component – ie dump pipe. This keeps the heat within the component so it is transferred through the system not into engine bay. The coating is a chrome coloured, smooth finish and looks awesome.



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